Super Mario Games on Hashgraph?

by May 15, 2019Hashgraph 101

Video Game Rewards: Since the first invention of video games, the fun of gameplay and the reward of winning has become a dominant form of entertainment for all ages. At one point in video game history, just having the highest score on the leaderboard was enough of a reward for the bragging rights with friends and family. However, in the 21st century a breakthrough innovation in distributed ledger technology (DLT) will be ushering in a new set of gaming features that will make these old school rewards seem simply childish.

A distributed ledger is a decentralized network of computers that secures a set of information that all agree upon. This information could be about players and their latest game scores or rank. What a DLT can do is confirm that information in a way that can never be hacked, deleted or changed without the network of many computers agreeing that it was true. This property is called immutability, meaning that information once it enters a DLT cannot be corrupted.

Online Game Security: In modern online gaming systems, hacks of accounts, servers and gaming corporation happens on a regular basis. A decentralized ledger, such as the Hedera Hashgraph network, can prevent these hacks and even provide an additional feature that no modern database design can do: transfer digital winnings in the form of secured network assets.

Digital assets are a rapidly growing sector of technology, whereby a user uses a DLT like the Hedera network to securely own a character, a vehicle or a weapon that was earned in fair game play. With Hashgraph, online gaming could even allow actual financial winnings in the form of the hbar cryptocurrency or other stable coins. This feature could open up a wild amount of new gaming applications, where players place bets on games and receive useable digital currency immediately after the game.

Super Mario with Hashgraph: Imagine playing a game like Super Mario Brothers or Super Mario Kart with a group of friends that all agree to escrow, or hold a pool of digital currency bets in a smart contract, in a secure way. Each player agrees through this Smart Contract to let the best player win the pool of cryptocurrency at the end of the game. Additionally, imagine some of those winnings occurring also through the direct micropayment function of Hedera Hashgraph into a player’s wallet each time they collect a coin or hit a player with a turtle shell?

The ability to use digital currency in an online game has been miserably limited by the technology of the blockchain industry. No current blockchain DLT is capable of performing at the real time level of an online game such as Fortnite, Super Smash Bros or even Tetris 99. However, the revolutionary technology in Hashgraph has finally proven that a distributed ledger technology can finally do it. Hashgraph is one of the fastest, safest and most secure cryptocurrencies at scale and could even support a massive multiplayer online game.

The future of gaming is growing in intensity and popularity with developments like esports, or electronic sports, where gamers play in intense competitions for prizes. Having a 21st century solution for securing and delivering those winnings in a digital way is the next step in the progression of gaming technology. There is only one decentralized ledger that can meet the performance requirements to match the esports industry, and that is Hedera Hashgraph. The fast, fair and secure distributed ledger built for real world solutions that include all community sectors of engagement, especially for online gaming.

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