Hbar Wallet

Paper Wallets are a form of cold storage that can be used to backup public and private keys to an Hbar account in a tangible way. Signing up for the email alert is recommended so that you can backup your Hbars as soon as the network is live this summer 2019

Your Keys, Your Hbars

By keeping your keys, you are ensuring that the Hbars are safely yours. Hot Wallets are private keys held by exchanges, for example, and are an easy way to have them stolen by hackers.

Hedera Chrome Extension Wallet also needed to make the Hbar Paper Wallet

In order to generate the public and private keys for your Paper Wallet, two separate API calls, or requests from the Hedera Hashgraph public network are necessary. These means that a small cost is incurred in the process. You will need to have your Hedera Chrome Extension Wallet available to generate the Wallet.

Printing your Hbar Paper Wallet

Download the Hbar Paper Wallet Generator and enter your wallet ID account. The QR code Generator will access the network and generate a public and private key pair associated with your account using the open-source Hedera Key Generator enabled in Java and available on github.

These QR codes will populate the printable Paper Wallet after being made. When printing, if possible, turn off your WiFi connection and directly connect with hardwire to the printer. This will prevent router sniffing or WiFi hacking of your wallet.

Storing your Hbar Paper Wallet

After printing, place your cold storage Hbar Wallet in a waterproof-ziploc bag and place in a safe place. Understand, that the private key on the Paper Wallet enables anyone to use your Hbars if the Paper Wallet is stolen. The private key is like printed money and is useable by anyone. So, do not lose it.

Additional Safety Measures

Paper Wallets can also be generated for physical Hbar tips, payments like cash, and much more. However, additional security measures are necessary to ensure that the private key is not exposed. Hologram tamper-proof stickers can be purchased to cover the private key in printed form if desired. These are available on Amazon and other online retailers.

Additional safety measures that can be taken is to directly download the key generator from github and use it offline with a thumb drive. This may take a higher skilled individual to perform. Also, clearing all files from the computer used, the printer and any additional copies of the wallet and key generator is highly recommended.

More instructions and tutorials will be available by Open Access so that you can safely store your Hbars in cold storage. Learning these skills is necessary to maximally protect your investment in Hbars. If done properly, you will have one of the most secure forms of digital assets today.

─Žello Future.