Hbar Price Predictions

by Mar 13, 2019Hbar

If you are new to the frenetic world of cryptocurrency you will quickly realize how hyperbolic and often inaccurate price predictions can be made by many self-proclaimed experts in the novel field of digital finance.  What’s more is that these experts can pop up on social media and youtube from anywhere in the world, and tell you with stunning confidence what their price prediction of habr price in usa, hbar price price in uk and many others.  However, in hindsight it ends up having near zero relevance in price prediction and simply ends up misleading a financial class of rookie investors into reckless financial forays.

It has taken quite a long time to get to this point in the implementation of cryptographic currency quite honestly.  To even use the word millions or even billions when describing total coin values is simply astonishing in this space.  For the wise investor, it would be prudent to take caution and learn a little about the history of this technology and to learn as much as one can in the future price prediction of coins such as bitcoin, ethereum and even the newcomer in the field, the hbar.  Hbar price prediction is a hot topic in social discussion forums such as telegram. Wild estimations of things such as the new hbar price range, hbar exchange listing predictions, and hbar token price at open access have been mentioned but may be misleading or simply appear hoptimistic.  We will explore these topics and try to drive a more balanced and realistic perspective in the process.

The original whitepaper on the ground-breaking and innovative peer-to-peer electronic cash that would become bitcoin was published over 10 years ago.  In earth years that is as small as a planck length, the smallest known measurable wavelength of a photon. That is a distance so small that nothing can experience it except the smallest particle in the known universe.  Interestingly, the symbol for that length is known as an hbar and looks like this, “Ħ” or also as “ℏ”.  Now, you may wonder, why would such a term be chosen for a cryptocurrency?  Well, many mysteries abound and will be clarified if one is willing to learn about this fantastic environment where an enthusiasts digital wallet can grow in the matter of minutes by many orders of magnitude even in the course of a single day.  The concept of something so small that it seems impossible is what makes the world of micropayments a reality and something we will explore next.

For many years, crypto enthusiasts have predicted the development of a decentralized application that could revolutionize the cryptocurrency revolution and boost the price of hbar and others to astronomical levels.  This amazing development has finally arrived and it is not what you might think. During the frenetic fever of cryptocurrency in the fall of 2017, a debutante in the space skyrocketed into the spotlight in value and awareness.  This phenomenon was known as the cryptokitties, digital kittens or cats with unique variable traits that were included in their code and made them unique. These were known as non-fungible tokens, or digital assets that were not directly equivalent to each other like a commodity might be.  

Nevertheless, cryptokitties demonstrated a strong demand and application of distributed ledgers that resonated with their user base and were hailed as the ‘killer dapp’.  However, since then, many issues regarding the ethereum network which the cryptokitties were associated with have arisen to the point that adoption was stymied by congestion, slow transaction times, low scalability and limited throughput with peak usage times.  However, from these experiments in digital assets, a new kind of awareness was born. This awareness was that digital assets of any kind might just be something that becomes mass adopted in a global way and stimulates new content creation with direct remuneration.  In today’s terms, that reality could not be possible than with the stunning development of the fourth generation DLT known as Hedera Hashgraph or Hedera. The utility token of this network being the hbar.

Now some of you may be thinking, “where can I buy hbar hedera or hbar hashgraph” as many have posted in social media at the peak of hbar awareness.  The truth is that nobody knows with any certainty where a new coin may be listed or how much its starting bids will be at. However, for the purposes of price prediction in this exciting cryptocurrency space, we will explore a few ideas for hbar price in the near future.

If one is bearish on the overall crypto market, one might consider that price prediction of hbar may be hard to calculate and unpredictable at open access.  However, much has been learned in the process of ICO listings in both bear and bull markets. It would behoove one to research prior listings of other coins in order to understand the crazy dynamics of price prediction of such a new platform currency, like hbar.  

If one is bearish on the market, it is clear that the open exchange listing price could plummet to a value much below the pre-sale, or technically, the SAFT price. SAFT is an alternate form of fund raising used by the Hedera Hashgraph platform in order to remain SEC compliant. In the process, the last offering was listed at $0.12 per hbar.  Considering that nearly 3 billion hbars will be released at open access, one can calculate the hbar coin market cap at nearly $360 million.  Not too shabby for a putatively global platform in the 21st century. However, if the bearish view is true, the hbar price could drop to a level as low as $0.06 as many have suspected through social media outlets.  This would not be unheard of in the world of fast-paced ICO’s and alternate fund-raising for new cryptocurrencies.

On the other extreme, is the price prediction of hbars hitting an open access range near $1.00.  That would calculate to a value of nearly 8-10 times the original investment value of the last round of fundraising round.  This is not entirely inconceivable for a coin that many have predicted could be the most revolutionary DLT in the history of even bitcoin.  Many reasons may support this claim, but only time on exchanges will tell.

If you have read up to this point then you must be hungry to guess what the upper limit of price prediction of hbar will be on exchanges this anticipated summer 2019.  There are many bulls in this alley and many are predicting even higher heights than the near $1.00 estimate. Some might justify their opinion with the hbar chart analysis based on coin metrics from other similar platform coins, however, these may be reaching.  A strong but reasonable bull case for Hedera Hashgraph’s utility token may be even within the range of $2.00 to $5.00 depending on the overall coin market cap and cryptocurrency economic climate at the time. Many variables would have to converge at this point to cause such a moonshot bullrun, but nobody could say that it has not been performed before.  

Depending on what camp you claim to be, the facts will only be present in hindsight and can not be accurately predicted even with a quantum computer with exactitude. The best approach to open access and initial exchange listing of the new Hedera Hashgraph utility token, the hbar, is to predict a price that is somewhere between the bulls and the bears and to be prepared to buy extreme lows and to sell extreme highs considering that even the greatest unicorns of the last crypto bullrun still have experienced an average 80-90% drop from their highs despite the traction and adoption that has been gained in this last successful season of coin adoption.  If you plan on entering a position of hbars at open exchange listing, consider looking at similar platform coins and their climate at their debut for additional insights. As always, this is not considered financial advice but simple commentary on the frenetic and fantastic world of cryptocurrency.

Cheers and good luck to all!

Ħello Future.