Median Hbar Price Prediction


ℏ = $0.61 USD *
median hbar coinmarketcap prediction at release
$1,421,300,000 USD*
*The median hbar price prediction  is based on the prediction entries and the median coinmarketcap is based on  the circulating supply of 4.66% at open access and the median hbar price prediction.   

  • We respect your privacy and will never share your email and Hedera account number.
  • Please enter a prediction in USD e.g. 0.12
  • Please enter your Hedera account id in the format like : 0.0.1107 (not your public key)
  • Please make up a user name for 


Please look for a confirmation email from [email protected]
Thank you for entering  and supporting the development of the Hbar Price Prediction Game dApp. Good luck! 

HBar Price Game Supporters:  20 hbars 22 hbars 305 hbars 10 hbars 

10 hbars 

1. 1500 hbars
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3. All anonymous payments to our Hedera account 0.0.1107 will be added to the game prize pool.

Rules of the HBar Price Prediction Game

Enter a free prediction in US$ for the hbar price at 12am New York Time on the first day that the hbar token is listed on an exchange. Sign up to our hbar price prediction game dApp newsletter to be eligible to win your share of 1042 hbars based on the accuracy of your prediction. The first 500 entries will receive 2 hbar for entering.

​You can confirm that we hold the hbars in our account to pay out the prize pool at hash-hash.info0.0.1107

We will be increasing the prize pool when we receive contributions from supporters to To support the hbar price game please contact us.

Please base your prediction on what  you think the price will be not on what you would like the price to be. Remember a market price requires a willing buyer and a willing seller. Your prediction can not be changed and we may be adding more hbars to the prize pool and the payouts will be based on accuracy and your position in the leaderboard.

Predictions will be ranked by accuracy, then payments made based on the tier your prediction falls into. All predictions will win hbars! No matter how accurate they are.

​All payments in our first hbar price prediction game will be handled manually by using the hedera hashgrah wallet and entries will be stored in a centralised database. Yes, you have to trust us to play by the rules in this first game (so 2007 right).  However, in 2019 will be launching a hbar price prediction game dApp and all predictions will be stored immutably on graph in Hedera. The prize pool of hbars will be securely stored in a Hedera smart contract and payments made automatically to all entrants also via a Hedera smart contract. Hello Future! is offering this hbar prediction game as a minimum viable product (MVP) to test our concept for a dApp we are currently building. We plan to offer a similar game using Hedera smart contracts once Hedera provides open access. We are not providing this MVP as a profit making opportunity for hbar account holders or for We are testing the Hedera main net as part of the community testing program. does not encourage speculation in hbars. HBars are the native cryptocurrency that is used to pay for transactions on the Hedera platform and to secure the network from certain types of cyberattacks. The content of this website is for information and entertainment purposes and is not intended to be, and should not be relied on for legal, tax, accounting, investment or other professional advice.

* ​hbar is not currently listed on any exchanges and you can not currently buy hbar. The hbar price above is based on the saft price in August 2018. When hbar exchanges exist we will provide live hbar prices based on market prices. Hedera does not control whether its token will be on exchanges, but they anticipate that hbar will likely be traded on exchanges at some point in 2019. Live hbar price charts are likely coming in 2019.

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