Hbar Price Forecast

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Hbar Price Forecast Based on Fundamental & Technical Analysis

Summary: There have been many developments in the cryptocurrency market since the launch of Hedera Hashgraph and the hbar token announcements of 2018. Institutional adoption has gained a large amount of traction, bitcoin has recovered to a level not seen for many months, and the fever behind digital assets seems to be warming up again. In the midst of these developments is the debut of the Hashgraph coin, the hbar, and has already undergone a community wide testing phase with success.

In that pilot study, the hbar wallet was used to transact through a Google Chrome extension while users read published articles about Hashgraph for a small fee. The user of the service was able to earn hbars by clicking through each article, stressing the network and providing important technical feedback to the Hashgraph development team. The use case of the first killer decentralized application (dapp), or hbar wallet, was fully implemented with stunning success. Microtransactions in the range of cents were performed with fees less than 1/1000th of a US penny with final confirmations of hbar transfer in a few seconds.

In this proof-of-concept and test-of-market, the hbar was shown to be a functional utility token in the ever-expanding asset of digital commodities. This certainly portends an equal success with phase 2 community testing that is set to occur in the following mont. One of the most important queries in the near future will be what the price of hbar will be at open access and in the earliest of trading days on hbar exchanges. The hbar price prediction will be most accurately predicted by those that fully perceive the potential use cases in all business sectors, as well as in the general cryptocurrency market.

Many factors will be integrated in the hbar price prediction. Understanding the coin metrics, the coin supply (total and circulating), the Seed investor price, fundraising SAFT price and total Hashgraph token raise will be important to know in the analysis. Hedera Hashgraph did not pursue fundraising through an hbar ICO, or initial coin offering, as the vast majority of new crypto coins have. Instead, the team decided to use a safer, more regulatory-compliant pathway through a future token offering or SAFT agreement per SEC guidelines.

The structure of the hbar fund raise, the employee and early investor lock out schedules as well as the amount of circulating coins given during the hbar test phases will also be influential to the final hbar price prediction. Hbar price will be directly related to all of these important variables. These issues are fully discussed in the hbar coinmarketcap article. However, fundamental analysis of the underlying technology and team, as well as the technical analysis of hbar price action on exchanges will be important to know the right future price of hbars.

Focus Point : A complete understanding of the Hedera Hashgraph (HH) fundraise will be necessary for the most accurate hbar price prediction at open access and early trading on habr exchanges. The seed price, SAFT price, coin metrics, circulating and total hbar supply will need to be reviewed to anticipate the most likely hbar price in early crypto trading.

Also, review of the general cryptocurrency environment and market sentiment will be necessary in order to gauge overall enthusiasm of new coin projects coming to market in context with bitcoin and other top 20 coins. There is no doubt amongst those that understand the technical abilities of the Hashgraph algorithm that market adoption should be widespread from an individual user to the enterprise-level. This is not so with the grand majority of crypto platforms.

Following developments, participating in community phase testing and subscribing to newsletters as well as social media sites such as Telegram and Twitter will also help an investor gain advantage in this rapidly paced ecosystem. An investor’s hbar price prediction will be successful in matching the live hbar price based on one’s fundamental, technical and real time analysis.

REF: Twitter https://twitter.com/hashgraph?lang=en

Telegram Web Channel https://web.telegram.org/#/[email protected]

Discussion: As with any publicly traded equity, commodity or currency, the moment-to-moment price action of an underlying asset is determined by a combination of fundamental and technical factors. Fundamental analysis, as used in traditional investment markets, is an assessment strategy that scrutinizes a company or commodity based on its basic value or utility in its respective market.

For example, in the technology sector, a stock such as Amazon has a wide variety of fundamental value propositions in the markets of general commerce, music and entertainment and web services industries. The fundamental story of Amazon is that they align technology with internet services to provide the best-in-class offerings that the community at large desires. They perform this in a world-wide and incredibly efficient process that is both innovative and competitive. The intrinsic value of Amazon is in their business model and execution.

However, a technical analysis of the daily action of Amazon’s stock price (AMZN) is much more dependent on a separate critique of the overall general stock market sentiment, geopolitical background and risk of unknowns as well as the buy/sell trading volumes in the stock market. In order to most accurately predict the stock price of AMZN, a savvy investor must look at its 50 and 200 period moving averages, as well as assessing the overall technology sector market’s relative performance. This technical analysis is very similar to the process used in the cryptocurrency market and will be easily leveraged to understand the technical factors required for hbar price prediction.


Hbar Price Fundamental Analysis: In the cryptocurrency market, there are countless platforms, digital assets of storage value and alternative coins (altcoins) that have tried to compete with the original open-source project of the bitcoin network. Many have not succeeded in rivaling the king of crypto, yet many have gained substantial increases in their respective coinmarketcaps due to a combination of whitepaper claims, social media hype and coin metrics. It is amongst the three of these variables with the addition of team management and technical factors that have helped propel the altcoins to a level that competes with bitcoin in the growing digital currency marketplace.

The most important factor to consider when evaluating a new altcoin is the quality and claims of the coin’s founding whitepaper. A whitepaper is an authoritative description of a particular problem and a detailed description of its proposed solution. In the case of bitcoin, the founding whitepaper published by the pseudonymous, Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009 described a universal problem with the current state of financial institutions and the need for a peer-to-peer electronic cash system.

The problem in the seminal bitcoin whitepaper was the lack of a p2p currency and the solution was the bitcoin blockchain network. The whitepaper was a straightforward means of communicating the idea of a cryptographically secure currency exchange system with detailed evaluation of its functionality and computer coding structure. The bitcoin whitepaper is simply a 9 page paper with some mathematical and cryptographic design elements. It is not a founding treatise on the matter, but began an open discussion that eventually led to an open-source process that allowed the greatest revolution in financial technology (fintech) in the last 25 years.

It is important to note that traditional fundamentals in legacy finance entails an understanding of corporate income, expenses and earnings-per-share analysis. These are not metrics that can be equally applied to the cryptocurrency market, which poses a serious challenge to investors. The most important features in fundamental evaluation of a crypto like the hbar will be in its value proposition as stated in its whitepaper, its team management quality and its execution in the hbar market.

Hedera Hashgraph Whitepaper: The hbar cryptocurrency is founded on a value proposition that distributed ledger technology (DLT), as first created in the bitcoin network and extended in the ethereum platform, will become the trust layer of the internet. When the internet was first developed in the 1990’s, there was no consideration of security or even an awareness of the value of trust in a computer network.

The realization occurred much later that networks of computers required intense amounts of security in order to avoid hacks, intellectual property and identity theft in a globally-distributed system. The advent of anti-virus software, trojan horse protections, and ransomware blocking measures would all occur only after the fact of substantial security breaches in thousands of international corporations with internet commerce. The problem with the internet is clear in retrospect: a trust layer was necessary in order to maintain internet commerce and social media in order to allow it to continue and thrive.


The ethereum blockchain had made a similar value proposal in light of this internet security issue when it first debuted in the fledgling cryptocurrency market. It claimed to spur the development of the internet 3.0 or new more secure world wide web. Although the ether coinmarketcap seemed to confirm their success, the technological claims as stated in the ethereum whitepaper did not seem to meet the market’s exact demands.

In order to support a new global trust layer in the internet, the ether platform would have to make millions of transactions a second per database or shard, and scale to billions if not more to support global commerce of finance. The sad truth to this day is that the ethereum protocol is completely incapable with any kind of elaborate mechanism or innovation to create this new world web of security.

The realization that ether could not do this has spurred many new cryptocurrency platforms to publish equal propositional claims of superiority in their whitepaper designs. To date, no cryptocurrency has even come close to the global fintech necessity of millions of transactions per second with a level of security worthy of all the world’s wealth. Platforms such as Cardano, EOS and NEO, have made bold claims that they would be able to surpass ethereum’s shortcoming. Unfortunately, these platforms have generated wildly high marketcap but have not delivered on their value propositions.

REF: Bitcoin Whitepaper: https://bitcoin.org/bitcoin.pdf

Ethereum Whitepaper: https://github.com/ethereum/wiki/wiki/White-Paper

The Hedera Hashgraph whitepaper is a remarkable 76 page discussion on a novel solution to all of the problems presently unsolved in the majority of cryptographic platform networks today. In the publication, the issues of speed, scale, security, stability and fairness are adroitly addressed in a concise and readable manner. Any potential investor in the Hashgraph network or hbar coin must at least peruse this for its original content and novel solutions.  It is chock full of interesting graphics and summaries of the current state of the blockchain revolution and its major limitations. It proposes governance structures not present in today’s crypto environment and uses non-conformist viewpoints that are justified by rational argument.

REF: HH Whitepaper:https://www.hedera.com/hh-whitepaper-v1.5-190219.pdf

Focus Point : The central thrust of the HH whitepaper is to propose an innovative approach to forming consensus in a permissionless network without compromising any single variable, most notably speed, scale and security. In addition, the governance model and regulatory compliance of the network is unlike any other digital currency in market today. These variables should be thoroughly understand by an investor or enthusiast in order to realize the large fundamental gap in network performance, stability and governance compared to all other networks.

The disparity of the HH hbar cryptocurrency and its foundational elements is massive in comparison to all other crypto projects. The ability of the Hashgraph algorithm to far surpass every single cryptocurrency in technical specifications is overwhelmingly obvious to the technical expert. It would be advisable to consult an expert in database architecture, distributed ledger technology and whitepaper analysis in order to confirm this claim.

However, the phase 1 community testing of micropayments in using hbar coins has already demonstrated, proof-positive that the network is viable, able to fulfill its whitepaper claims and has not overestimated its performance. Joining the phase 2 community testing would help any skeptic to directly experience these claims firsthand. Vetting these claims until a firm conviction is attained will be necessary to invest wisely in the hbar token, and will afford one the ability to accurately estimate hbar price prediction and current hbar price with great precision.


HH Management:  One major component in the fundamental analysis of a successful business is to understand the importance of team management selection and their relative experience with other real world venture. This is vitally necessary after one’s analysis of the underlying distributed ledger technology has demonstrated a superior advantage to all other blockchain architecture. Being able to scrutinize the quality of an assembly of technical and administrative talent for management is essential. Having this ability will once again lend itself to more accurate hbar price prediction and estimation of live hbar price on a continual basis.

There is without a doubt that the team assembled in the Hedera Hashgraph management team is world-class in quality. The CEO, Mance Harmon has a distinguished career in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence both in public government intelligence operations as well as in private equity ventures. His biography is replete with experience, success and professionalism. As with Mance, many of the other administrative personnel share similarly credible and transparent LinkedIn profiles that establish credibility and professionalism for the Hedera team.

An amazingly remarkable individual behind the Hashgraph algorithm and architectural design of software in the Hedera network is the CTO, Dr. Leemon Baird. It is easy to see his technical expertise, clairvoyant vision for DLT and his infectious enthusiasm in many YouTube videos and articles available on the subject of distributed ledgers. His tenure as a professor in a vast array of topics including Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Systems and their academic-quality mathematical justifications are bar none in the cryptocurrency industry.

Leemon is both a luminary and a visionary, while still maintaining an affable, conversational approachability that begs one to listen and learn. He is easy to follow in reasoning, presented examples and always seems to have a superior edge in perception. This is likely based on his extensive deep learning on difficult topics that plague the digital asset ecosystem.

Finally, Paul Madsen, the technical lead at Hedera Hashgraph, demonstrates an ease and fundamental awareness of the major problems plaguing the cryptocurrency from achieving global mass adoption. Having a technical expert like Paul with the lightness and humor that breaks through barriers of ignorance is a very valuable asset in the technically challenging space of DLT design. His addition to the HH whitepaper and architectural design of the Hedera public DLT have been additive and incalculable in value. He is also active in social media, helping to dispel technical errors in discussion as well as bringing comedic levity to a space often filled with tense rivalry and competitiveness.

In total, the team management of Hedera Hashgraph afford a technical expertise, experiential management success and professionalism that is currently lacking in the cryptocurrency environment. Many have stated through social media how impressionable and personable these individuals are and how they stand out as adults in a room often filled with childish antics.

Understanding the value of this team will certainly be essential to calculating the most accurate hbar prices in the near future whether it is hbar in US, hbarr in Canada or hbar price in South Korea. Their collective talent and down-to-earth personalities will most definitely spell success of the Hedera public network in the near future.

REF: Leemon Baird, PhD LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/leemon-baird/

Mance Harmon LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/manceharmon/

Paul Madsen LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paulmadsen/

Hbar Price Technical Analysis: Technical analysis is a method of evaluating a financial asset in light of daily, weekly and monthly factors such as hbar price, moving averages and volume-weighted transactions that follow trends of the crypto community. Much of technical factor analysis is borrowed from traditional finance and is not always suited for the cryptocurrency community. More importantly, the technical forecast of hbar price is strongly dependent on its relative trading history and price action. Unfortunately, since hbar is not currently released or actively trading on crypto exchanges, the ability to forecast hbar price is nearly impossible until trading commences.

If all goes as expected with the open access phase of the Hedera Hashgraph network in the summer of 2019, many enthusiasts and skeptics will finally be able to determine how the hbar is affected by the crypto trading market forces. Many fans of the Hedera public network expect a strong and confident debut of hbar price on exchanges at that time. However, Hashgraph has not been favored by many bitcoin and ethereum purists because of its non-conformist approach to issues of governance, fork-resistance through patent enforcement and lack of open-source development. Although these factors are considered by many in the digital asset open-source community to represent unfavorable traits of a crypto platform, the team behind the hbar believe strongly otherwise. Understanding the tenets of coin design, the benefits of the Hashgraph algorithm and governance, and the technical performance of speed, scale and security far beyond any cryptocurrency will benefit any investor.

As the market for hbar matures and more trading exchanges list the hbar for trade, a preliminary understanding of it market value will begin to appear. It will take some time in the global market of trading after this initial hbar exchange listing in order to technically predict the price of hbars. As these developments occur, a proper analysis and reflection on the hbar market will be added to this ongoing discussion at this site. At that point, notifications of hbar price movements and major fundamental and technical movements will be discussed and referred to subscribers. Until then, stay tuned to this website and through the relevant social media outlets.

Focus Point : It is not currently possible to provide a technical analysis of hbar price without active market trading. However, staying abreast of the Hashgraph network through www.hbarprice.com and relevant social media outlets will be necessary to make the most up to date investment decisions. Technical analysis of hbar cryptocurrency will not follow the exact pattern and trading schemes of traditional financial securities, but will have significant overlap.

As developments occur at open access and the early trading period, hbar charts and technical chart analysis will be available to assist the hbar investor as soon as available. Stay tuned for all the exciting developments in the hbar ecosystem and the ever growing DLT ecosystem.

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