Buy HBAR with a Credit Card

Buy HBAR with a credit card instantly with HBAR Price.

Quick guide on how to buy HBAR:


1. Create a free Hedera account using:

Exodus Wallet ( ( ) 
BRD Wallet (


2. Have your passport ready and a camera connected to your browser to take a photo or use this website on your phone. 
3. Paste your Hedera account ID into the box above and proceed to payment.

4. Your HBARs will arrive after your payment is processed.
5. To check the progress of your payment please use the HBAR explorer ( and enter your account ID created in step 1. Note Atomic wallet has a delay in payments being displayed in the account history, but you can see the HBAR payment right away in:

If you are experiencing problems with our partner Moonpay, please contact support.