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Intro to Hedera Hashgraph

When Can You Buy Hbar

Introduction: The Hedera Hashgraph public network went live in August 2018 and uses the hbar token for all transactions on the platform. The mainnet has undergone considerable development and testing since this time to ensure safety and security of the public distributed ledger technology (DLT)....

Earn Hbars Proxy Staking

Introduction: User rewards in cryptocurrency are a major driver for early adoption of a new platform for crypto enthusiasts and investors. Receiving a digital currency for investing time and research into a developing decentralized network helps the user stay invested in the project and...

What is DLT – Distributed Ledger Technology?

Introduction: Before the invention of the personal computer, few people had an idea what the potential of computer technology could be in the upcoming years. Even more so, when the world wide web debuted in the 1990’s, very few had even a clue what the global web could do in the coming decades....

Super Mario Games on Hashgraph?

Video Game Rewards: Since the first invention of video games, the fun of gameplay and the reward of winning has become a dominant form of entertainment for all ages. At one point in video game history, just having the highest score on the leaderboard was enough of a reward for the bragging rights...

Hedera Hashgraph is Fast, Fair, Secure & Stable?

Summary: Hedera Hashgraph has some of the highest reported metrics in regard to performance, fairness, security and stability in all of distributed ledger technology (DLT). In regard to throughput, Hashgraph has one of the fastest transactions speeds, recording over 100K transactions per second....

Blockchain vs Hashgraph

Summary: The decentralized financial revolution was clearly kicked off by the invention of Bitcoin and blockchain distributed ledger technology (DLT). The ability to remove third parties from peer-to-peer transactions will have immense disruption in the financial and commercial markets with...

The top 5 things people don’t understand about Hashgraph

Summary: The Hedera Hashgraph public distributed ledger is a breakthrough network in computer science, achieving some of the highest metrics in speed, scale and security by design. Using parallel transactions, without the constraint of using slow, bundled and synchronized ‘blocks’, Hashgraph can...

What is Hedera Hashgraph?

Summary: Hedera is the public distributed ledger technology that is built on the network of the Hashgraph algorithm by using the hbar cryptocurrency. Hashgraph is a consensus mechanism, or mutual agreement, within a network amongst hosting nodes and their users. The Hedera Hashgraph (HH) consensus...

Hashgraph In-Depth

Hbar Coin Release

Discussion:  After much anticipation, the Hedera Hashgraph distributed ledger platform is finally ready for primetime use on September 16th, 2019. The first day of availability of the platform and its hbar coin is called Open Access, or OA. At this time developers and users will be able to...

Energy Grids

Hbar Use Case: The applications of distributed ledger technology (DLT) are not limited to financial and gaming use cases. There is a massive potential for the ability of networks like Hedera Hashgraph to form secure, publicly trusted networks of data management in order to improve major industries...

How Fast is Hashgraph?

How Fast is Hashgraph Hedera Hashgraph Speed Summary: What makes Hashgraph fast is its unique consensus mechanism and its first-in-class virtual voting algorithm that permits immediate feed-forward parallel processing that outperforms all other public networks with regard to speed, scale, security...

Hashgraph vs Bitcoin

Coin vs Coin Comparison Hashgraph: Hashgraph is a proof-of-stake consensus algorithm with DAG-based distributed ledger technology, that uses 39 term-limited elected Governing Council members with top speed, global scale and bank-grade security. Hedera, the...

Hbar Coinmarketcap

How to Determine Market Valuation for Hbar Cryptocurrency Summary: Understanding the method used by financial investment institutions as well as retail investors is critical in determining things like hbar price analysis and future hbar coinmarketcap. The market capitalization is just one of...

What in the world is Hedera Hashgraph?

Summary: In the mid-20th century, british science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke wrote some of the most impressionable ideas in his award-winning novels that made many real world predictions and explanations of future technologies.  His greatest credit was the idea creation of what would become...

How is Hedera Hashgraph Fair?

Hedera Hashgraph fairness in market Summary: How the structure of the Hashgraph algorithm can make Hedera fair is through a breakthrough consensus mechanism that allows all users fairness of access, fairness of order and fairness of timestamp. This allows Hedera the public distributed ledger...

Is Hedera Hashgraph Secure, Fast and Fair?

Summary:  The ‘trilemma’ is a three-fold conundrum that describes the largest problems with the current state of technology of the leading cryptocurrency platforms.  The three issues that are not currently solved in the proof-of-work designs of coins such as bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin, involve...

Hbar Micropayments

The New Hashgraph Micropayment Economy Discussion: The role of a currency, or a medium of exchange, is to allow transactions that are important to two parties or more in an economy of value trading. In the modern world, the US dollar has become the de facto global reserve currency, largely in part...

Hbar Exchange

What to Know About Buying Hbar on Exchanges Summary: As a retail investor or a digital asset venture capitalist, the cryptocurrency market has exploded quite unlike anything in the past few decades of traditional finance. The innovative reconstruction of financial technology, the breakthrough...

Is Hashgraph a Scam?

Hashgraph Seed Price, Saft Price and OTC Price Hashgraph FUD: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt Discussion: Hashgraph is a revolutionary new distributed ledger technology (DLT) that has the throughput, speed, scale and security to become a dominant player in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. However,...

Hashgraph vs Blockchain

Summary: Understanding the basics of distributed ledgers is essential to forming wise and prudent investments in the cryptocurrency space and in determining accurate price prediction of the hbar coin or token.  Hashgraph is an alternative distributed ledger technology (DLT) to blockchain. It uses...

Hedera Hashgraph Smart Contracts

Hedera Hashgraph Smart Contracts Explained Summary: After the revolutionary development of blockchain and the bitcoin cryptocurrency, the next leap in decentralized technology occurred with the ethereum network and its self-sufficient, self-executing smart contract (SC) technology. A smart...

Hbar Coin

Introduction: Cryptocurrency is not an easy thing to explain to friends, family and non-technical individuals without referencing a strong and pertinent use case in their lives. When Bitcoin debuted to market in 2009, an incredibly small innovative group of people envisioned a future of...

Hashgraph Patent

Summary: Since the beginning of the United States patent and trademark office (USPTO), individual and corporate inventors have used the system of time-limited, controlled intellectual property (IP) protection for a very singular purpose. This purpose is to control market share in a new field of...

Hbar Games

Hashgraph Games & Gambling Dapps Summary: The Hedera public distributed ledger technology, built on the breakthrough Hashgraph consensus algorithm, is a multipurpose platform that uses the hbar coin. The primary function of the network is for digital currency micropayments and financial...


To the seasoned cryptocurrency trader, a cryptocurrency coin can have a variety of purposes, many use cases and a range of potential trading successes based on its fundamental value proposition and utility within its platform.  Currently, cryptographic platform coins still remain unclear in...

Hedera Hashgraph Team

Summary: Every startup company requires due diligence in research before investment and should include a thorough analysis of the relevant business sector, the value proposition of the project and the experience of the management team. In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, the value proposition of...

Is Hashgraph Centralized?

Hashgraph Centralized? Hashgraph a Scam? Hashgraph is a Centralized, Closed-Source & Patented Platform? Discussion: There is nothing more disparaging to hear about one’s beloved cryptocurrency then the claim that it is nothing but an imitation of the real cryptocurrency of bitcoin. Calling...

Hashgraph Technology Use Case for Governmental Transparency

Distributed Ledgers will Transform Governments Summary:  Human civilization has made leaps and bounds in technology, society and governance in the past millennia, yet, an undeniable reality still remains with positions of power. Any one person in society with an elevated position of authority...

Learn about Hedera Hashgraph and the HBAR Coin

Hbar Coin Release

The exact number of hbar coins and their relative distribution in time is the subject of this article.

Hbar Cryptocurrency

Explore the fundamentals behind Hedera Hashgraph, the role of the hbar utility token and the deeper symbolic meaning of the hbar. .

Hedera Hashgraph

What in the world is Hedera Hashgraph?

Hbar Price Predictions

We explore the topic of hbar price predictions and try to drive a balanced and realistic perspective in the process.

Hbar Price Forecast

Many factors will be integrated in the hbar price forecast. Understanding the coin metrics, the coin supply (total and circulating), the Seed investor price, fundraising SAFT price and total Hashgraph token raise will be important to know in the analysis.

Hashgraph vs Blockchain

What are the difference between Blockchain and its latest rival, Hedera Hashgraph?

Hbar Coinmarketcap

According the SAFT price of hbars, the total hbar coinmarketcap is $360 million USD.  However, many developments in the Hedera Hashgraph ecosystem have occurred since the initial coin minting and the SAFT raise which are considered in this article which will effect the hbar price and thus the hbar coinmarketcap. 

Hbar Exchange

 In this article, the hazards of using a cryptocurrency hbar exchange is discussed as well as the near future potential that a decentralized hbar exchange (DEX) could provide.

Earn Hbars with Hashgraph Proxy Staking

Hashgraph proxy staking is a new concept in the cryptocurrency environment that allows hbar coin holders to assign their tokens to a fully functioning node, attributing its voting power accordingly and earning fees in the process.

Hashgraph White Paper Review - Part 1

The Hashgraph algorithm as described in the sentinel Hedera Hashgraph white paper pdf is a detailed description of a revolutionary distributed ledger technology with a novel approach to the problems with blockchain. 


Is Hedera Hashgraph Secure, Fast and Fair?

The three issues that are not currently solved in the proof-of-work designs of coins such as bitcoin and ethereum involve problems with speed, scale and security.

Hbar Paper Wallet

A hbar paper wallet is considered a ‘cold’ storage device, or something that cannot be hacked through the internet or an internet connection.


Hedera Smart Contracts

The industry of intermediaries could be progressively removed from the transactions within the future distributed ledger ecosystem. This potential ability of Hedera Hashgraph smart contract technology alone is one of the greatest intrusive and disruptive elements of the the new  DLT space.

Hashgraph File Storage

Hedera Hashgraph is a cutting edge distributed ledger technology (DLT) that is able to augment and even supercede the security and privacy standards that are currently deployed within the cloud.

How to Buy Hbar

How to buy hbars will be a common question in the cryptocurrency market when the Hedera Hashgraph coin is released to crypto exchanges in the near future. Open Access is the moment that the Hedera token will be made available to all early investors in the Hashgraph public platform

Hedera Hashgraph Team

Hedera Hashgraph Team is an important variable to consider in the due diligence of the cryptocurrency network before concluding it a success solely based on its technology.

Hedera Hashgraph Technology Use Cases

Hedera Hashgraph is building the first enterprise grade public ledger that addresses the concerns of the mainstream market.

Hedera Hashgraph addresses all the main obstacles for enterprises in DLT including performance, stability, security, and governance. In the near future, Hashgraph will be able to host 100’s of millions of transactions in a wide array of use cases. This will be unlike anything anyone has ever seen before.

Financial Services

It is the firm opinion of this article that the Hedera Hashgraph will rival all legacy financial systems, including the US government fiat currency, the distributed global gold and silver commodity sector and even the international banking system.

Hbar Micropayments

The amazing global demand for a frictionless micropayment system that only the Hashgraph network permits should be enormous. 

Hbar Games

The concept of a trust layer to the internet that the Hedera Hashgraph network can provide to online games will open up a myriad of use cases.

Digital Identity

Coming Soon. 


Governmental Transparency

With distributed ledger technology (DLT), like that in the Hedera Hashgraph (HH) network, society can finally achieve the reality of immutable trust and incorruptible consensus and force honesty into any digital system.

Hashgraph Healthcare Use Case

There are many benefits to be seen in the medical community with the advent of decentralized networks like Hedera Hashgraph. 

Energy Grids

The ledger that is most capable of real time micropayments, with the lowest fees and the best security will certainly find a premium place in the market of decentralized energy grids in upcoming years.


Frequently asked questions about Hedera Hashgraph

How Fast is Hashgraph?

What makes Hashgraph fast is its unique consensus mechanism and its first-in-class virtual voting algorithm that permits immediate feed-forward parallel processing that outperforms all other public networks with regard to speed, scale, security and stability.


Is Hashgraph Secure?

aBFT cannot be underestimated in a public network like Hashgraph, which is the highest level of security that a network could ever achieve. This is a bank-grade level of security never before seen at scale or in a public database architecture. This feature alone makes Hashgraph secure beyond any possible blockchain or competitive DAG.

Is Hashgraph Centralized?

By all objective standards, Hashgraph is a decentralized, distributed ledger technology with a multinational, multi-sectoral governance structure with nodal topology greater than some of the top cryptocurrencies in coinmarketcap.

Why is Hashgraph patented?

Hedera Hashgraph is a cutting edge distributed ledger technology (DLT) that is able to augment and even supercede the security and privacy standards that are currently deployed within the cloud.

How is Hedera Hashgraph Fair?

How the structure of the Hashgraph algorithm can make Hedera fair is through a breakthrough consensus mechanism that allows all users fairness of access, fairness of order and fairness of timestamp. This allows Hedera the DLT platform built on the Hashgraph consensus mechanism to extend itself into millions of use cases..

Is Hashgraph a Scam?

Hashgraph is a revolutionary new distributed ledger technology (DLT) that has the throughput, speed, scale and security to become a dominant player in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. However, because the Hedera public DLT is new to the crypto space, a high level of attention has also brought a large amount of fear, uncertainty and doubt (FUD).

Who are the members of the Hedera Governing Council?

Coming soon.

How does Hashgraph work?

Coming soon.

Why isn't Hashgraph open source?

Coming soon.

Hedera Hashgraph Youtube Videos


HBars are the native cryptocurrency that is used to pay for transactions on the Hedera platform and to secure the network from certain types of cyberattacks. They are the native platform coin needed to interact with and exchange value on Hedera.

The symbol for hbars is “ℏ” so 5 ℏ means 5 hbars.

Tinybars are smaller than hbars. They are used to divide hbars into smaller amounts. One hbar is equivalent to one hundred million tinybars.

The symbol for tinybars is “tℏ” so it is correct to say 1 ℏ = 100,000,000 tℏ

Here are the offical HBar denominations :

gigabar 1 Gℏ = 1,000,000,000 ℏ
megabar 1 Mℏ = 1,000,000 ℏ
kilobar 1 kℏ = 1,000 ℏ
hbar 1 ℏ = 1 ℏ
millibar 1,000 mℏ = 1 ℏ
microbar 1,000,000 μℏ = 1 ℏ
tinybar 100,000,000 tℏ = 1 ℏ

ℏ or h-bar is a symbol that represents the reduced Planck’s constant. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Planck_constant#Value The Planck constant is one of the smallest constants used in physics. Very fitting since hbars will be the cryptocurrency that enables the mass adoption of micropayments.

Hedera Hashgraph Hbar Price Prediction

hbarprice.com will be launching a HBar Price Prediction Competition dApp in 2019. 

  • The HBar Price Dapp will record HBar token price predictions on graph for transparency and immutability of the predictions. 
  • Users will be able to earn HBars for submitting an entry in the competition and will have the chance to win HBars for predicting the HBar coin price in one week, one month, 1 year, 5 year and 10 years time. 
  • Once everyone can buy HBar and  HBar is trading on hedera hashgraph exchanges we will run weekly competitions to predict the HBar token price.
  • We will be recording hedera hashgraph price predictions and generating data such as average HBar price prediction, mean  HBar price prediction to provide a sentiment indicator of future HBar price movements.
  • We will also be providing a leaderboard of users so that users can see the accuracy level of users and look towards the predictions of more accurate users to judge potential future HBar price movements.

HBar Wallet 

You can now download  the Hedera Wallet, sign up to test the Hedera mainnet and earn HBars.

Android Hedera Wallet
iOS Hedera Wallet

hbarprice.com will be providing a Hbar Paper Wallet in the coming weeks.

Buy HBar 

You can now buy hbars. 

HBar is now available on exchanges including Binance, Bittrex, Liquid, HITBTC, UPBit. The Hedera Hashgraph SAFT has completed. There will not be a Hedera Hashgraph ICO. Hbar coins have been available on exchanges since September 2019. 

You can buy Hedera Hashgraph hbar coins on exchanges. 

Hedera Hashgraph Compared to Ethereum Blockchain and Bitcoin Blockchain 

Bitcoin Blockchain
Decentralised Currency
​Storage Value as Digital Gold
​Transaction fee May 1st 2018: $0.43
Transactions per second: 

Ethereum Blockchain
Smart Contracts
First Smart Contract Platform
​Transaction fee May 1st 2018: $0.11
Transactions per second: 

Hedera Hashgraph
Real Time Decentralised Markets
Trust Layer of the Internet
​Estimated Transaction fee: $0.00000062
Transactions per second(minimum): 

Hashgraph is not Blockchain 


  • Hashgraph is a Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), but not a blockchain. 
  • Architected from ground up to be fast, fair and secure. 
  • Hashgraph makes no security trade-offs to achieve speed.
  • Combines a gossip protocol with virtual-voting to effectively and quickly disseminate events and achieve consensus.
  • Minimum amount of data transferred.
  • No Trade off between Speed, Security and Centralisation.
  • Super low energy consumption DLT.


  • Blockchain is designed to be slow. 
  • Proof-of-work puzzle adjusts to keep the system at a specific speed.  
  • Time needed to determine which block to add to the chain.
  • If it isn’t slow, then it doesn’t work.
  • Efforts to speed up blockchain all make security sacrifices.
  • Trade off between Speed, Security and Centralisation. 
  • Very high energy consumption DLT.

What if anyone on Earth, at any moment, could just wave their hand and carve out a world of their own in cyberspace?

Dr Leemon Baird, Co-Founder & Chief Scientist of Hedera Hashgraph.

Ready to get started with Hedera Hashgraph?

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